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def cheese_and_crackers(cheese_count, boxes_of_crackers)
puts "You have #{cheese_count} cheeses!"
puts "You have #{boxes_of_crackers} boxes of crackers!"
puts "Man that's enough for a party!"
puts "Get a blanket."
puts # a blank line
puts "We can just give the function numbers directly:"
cheese_and_crackers(20, 30)
puts "OR, we can use variables from our script:"
amount_of_cheese = 10
amount_of_crackers = 50
cheese_and_crackers(amount_of_cheese, amount_of_crackers)
puts "We can even do math inside too:"
cheese_and_crackers(10 + 20, 5 + 6)
puts "And we can combine the two, variables and math:"
cheese_and_crackers(amount_of_cheese + 100, amount_of_crackers + 1000)
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