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WordPress Theme waterproof-webdesign Theme

Example Description

Theme readme: ./dist/trunk/

Download and install

waterproof-webdesign Theme is available in the official WordPress Theme repository. You can install this theme the same way you'd install any other theme.

To install it from zip file, download latest release.


Clone the repository and make it your current working directory.

# Checkout the `generated` and `develop` branches
git checkout generated && git pull
git checkout develop && git pull

# Install npm dependencies
npm install

# Install composer dependencies
composer install --profile -v

# Build into `./test_build`
grunt build

This Theme is based on generator-wp-dev-env. See generator.version in package.json.

Read the documentation for further development information. -- Installation & Quick Start -- Git branching model -- Project Structure -- Grunt Taskrunner

Dev dependencies

  • node and npm
  • yo and generator-wp-dev-env
  • composer
  • git
  • grunt and grunt-cli
  • rsync
  • convert from ImageMagick. Tested with ImageMagick 6.8.9-9

Support and feedback