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title: Update Vocabulary
short: Vocabulary
documentation: ""
example start: 1
example end: 2
- creeper: |
A tall green creature that explodes if
you get too close.
- zombie pigman: |
A harmless creature who carries a gold
mandatory: True
code: |
update_terms({'zombie pigman': 'A nether dweller', 'nether': 'The underworld'})
question: Have you ever met a {creeper}?
subquestion: |
If you have met a {zombie pigman} in the {nether}, you
have almost certainly met a {creeper}.
yesno: met_a_creeper
question: |
Thank you for telling me about your
creeper experience.
subquestion: |
% if met_a_creeper:
You are not a noob!
% else:
You clearly need to play more Minecraft.
% endif
mandatory: True