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Random failure analysis

The goal of this project is to make it possible to identify flaky tests by aggregating test failure data from RHBA Jenkins.

The project consists of 2 parts:

  • A Haskell program which
    • downloads test results of all unstable builds of jobs from master pullrequests folder of RHBA Jenkins. For each failure it saves 5 items: job URL, test class and test method name, stack trace and date of build.
    • searches for the path of each test class within local filesystem (starting from folder where all kiegroup repositories are cloned) in order to provide GitHub link functionality.
  • A single page Elm application which enables browsing data scraped by the above script. This is deployed at and updated with new data on weekly basis.

Updating the report

RHBA Jenkins is only archiving last 14 days of builds. So it's necessary to periodically (~ once a week) scrape test failure data. The data are persisted in a JSON file, which is then deployed to the gh-pages branch of this repository together with the interactive HTML application for browsing it.

The process of scraping is automated, everything can be done by just running ./ at the root of this project. The script will

  1. build and run the scraper program, which outputs all the failures into frontend/dist/failures.json
  2. build and runs the front end report
  3. copy the contents of the frontend/dist to the root directory of this repo at gh-pages branch
  4. push the updated report to the gh-pages branch


Scraping test results from jenkins



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