Tool for converting Openhab rrd4j data file to InfluxDB line protocol file.
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Tool for converting Openhab rrd4j data file to InfluxDB line protocol file so it can be easily imported by using InfluxDB HTTP API.

Latest version



java -jar rrd2influxdb.jar -i input_rrd_file -o output_influxdb_line_protocol_file

In case that output file already exists, program will not continue (no files will be overwriten).

All supported parameters

 -i,--input <arg>         Input rrd4j file
 -m,--measurement <arg>   InfluxDB measurement name. When not set, input
                          file name without extension will be used.
 -o,--output <arg>        Output InfluxDB line protocol file

Parameter measurement is optional and when it is not specified, measurement name is taken from input rrd4j file without rrd extenstion.


java -jar rrd2influxdb.jar -i Temperature_LR.rrd -o TempLivingRoom.txt

It creates TempLivingRoom.txt with following content:

Temperature_LR value=22.950377508444447 1480550400
Temperature_LR value=22.321925532618533 1481155200
Temperature_LR value=23.084880952380615 1481760000
Temperature_LR value=22.709831349205146 1482364800

Now you can import it into InfluxDB using HTTP API using following parameter (modified according to yours actual settings)

curl -i -XPOST "http://influxdb_hostname:port/write?db=dbName&precision=s" -u username:password --data-binary @TempLivingRoom.txt

Please don't forget to use precision=s.

Which data is taken from rrd files

Program will take all available data from file with non NaN value. NaN values are ignored.