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We are proud to release the first version of pam_hbac.

pam_hbac is a standalone PAM module for enforcing HBAC access control defined on an FreeIPA server. It is meant as a stop-gap solution for platforms that do not ship with SSSD.

Getting pam_hbac

You can download the release using the links at the bottom of this page. The SHA-1 checksums for the archives are:

  • 1.0.zip: 6ad521c97a3ed308a4a832e8cfd9572a0489c442
  • 1.0.tar.gz: a3e1cc34cd817b2224fd6faf2e9ab4bf95463ea0

Binary packages are available for RHEL-5 and RHEL-6 in our COPR repositories

Supported platforms

pam_hbac 1.0 supports the following operating systems and releases:

  • Linux
    • we tested pam_hbac on Fedora, Ubuntu, RHEL-5 and RHEL-6
  • FreeBSD
    • tested on FreeBSD 10.3
  • Solaris
    • tested on Oracle Solaris 11 and Omnios LTS (r151014)


There are manual pages in the doc directory as well as per-platform README files

Filing bugs and getting help.

If you believe you found an issue in pam_hbac, please file an issue on gihub. In addition to filing an issue, you can also ask on the freeipa-users mailing list.