Strangle is BIND for Python: a Python library for parsing DNS messages using libbind.
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This package is for parsing DNS messages as you would see them from a network
capture or your own network application.  It is a Python interface to the
libbind DNS message parsing library.

A useful reference for this software is DNS and BIND, 5th Edition from


Strangle is a standard distutils-driven Python package.  It also has a
C language component that must be compiled against the BIND parsing
library (libbind).  For Debian, you need the "bind-dev" package,
as well as standard C development packages (gcc, libc6-dev, etc.).  for
RPM-based distributions, try the bind-devel package.

1. Uncompress the archive that you have downloaded.  By default, it will
   extract to a directory named Strangle-<something>.
2. Change to that directory and run the install command:

   # python install

3. Everything should compile properly and you should be able to use the
   Strangle library from any location in your system.

   >>> import Strangle
   >>> Strangle
   <module 'Strangle' from '.../site-packages/Strangle/__init__.pyc'>

== Copyright Information ==

Strangle is licensed to you under the terms of the GNU General public
license, version 2.  For the full text of this license, please see the
COPYING file which accompanies these instructions.

Proven Corporation offers software and expertise based on Strangle.
Please see our web site.  Thank you very much.

Author: Jason Smith <>
        Proven Corporation Co., Ltd.
	Bangkok, Thailand