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Design files for Quad Linear Amplifier (QLA) board

  • QLA.PrjPCB: Altium Designer project file
  • Snn.SchDoc: schematics (Altium Designer format)
  • Snn.Harness: signal harnesses (Altium Designer format)
  • AMP.PcbDoc: PCB layout (Altium Designer format)
  • QLA-Schematics.pdf: PDF of schematics
  • QLA-BOM.xls: Bill of Materials (Microsoft Excel format)
  • QLA-HeatSink.pdf: PDF of heat sink drawing
  • PCB fabrication (Gerber) files
  • PCB assembly files (e.g., paste masks, pick-and-place)

Release Notes

  • Rev 1.1: Build #0 (5 board pilot run)
  • Rev 1.2: Build #1 (44 boards)
    • Deleted trace from Q15A (MOSFET) to U39B (OPA549) to avoid glitches at power-up (on all 4 channels)
    • Added J11 to enable connection to remote LED panel
  • Rev 1.3 (PCB silkscreen is Rev 1.2): Build #2 (68 boards), Build #3 (72 boards), Build #4 (80 boards)
    • Changed relay (U31) from +12V to +5V to avoid rework needed to bring external +12V to board
    • Fixed silkscreen for Pot2 and Pot3 test points (they were swapped)
    • Changed R52 to 0 Ohms (Rev 1.1 and 1.2 boards were reworked accordingly)
    • Added screwlocks (Female, 4-40, 0.185") to DB9 connector
    • Design files indicate Rev 1.3, but manufactured boards show Rev 1.2; boards can be distinguished by looking at relay (U31)
  • Rev 1.4: Build #5 (92 boards)
    • Changed digital outputs from open-drain MOSFETs to bi-directional bus transceivers (74LVC2T45) with 5V output; direction controlled by FPGA IO1-5 and IO1-6. Proper operation requires FPGA Firmware Rev 5+
    • Added feedback of motor voltage fault (from LT4356) on FPGA IO1-7
    • Grounded heatsink on PCB
    • Added plated slots for soldering 68-pin connector tabs
    • Moved Q13, Q14 and updated PCB pads to facilitate assembly
  • Rev 1.4a: Build #6 (75 boards)
    • Increased acceptable range of motor supply voltage from 11.2V-50.2V to 10.5V-52.7V (values are approximate)
      • Changed R33, R34 to raise LT4356 maximum voltage from ~51.25V to ~52.7V
      • Changed R27, R28 to set MV_GOOD window comparator thresholds to 10.5V and 52.8V
    • Added transorb SMAJ64CA on back side of connector J5, between pins 2 and 3, to limit flyback voltages on motor power supply (especially with 48V supply)
  • Rev 1.4b: Build #7 (120 boards)
    • Changed pot filter cutoff frequency from 60 Hz to 5 kHz
      • Changed R1-8 from 39.2K to 464 Ohm
      • Allows faster reading of multiplexed signals (SUJ pots)
    • Fixed description of Q9-11,15 (30V instead of 20V)


Design files for Quad Linear Amplifier (QLA) board



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