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cisst libraries and Surgical Assistant Workstation (SAW)


The cisst package is a collection of libraries designed to ease the development of computer assisted intervention systems. The Surgical Assistant Workstation (SAW) is a platform that combines robotics, stereo vision, and intraoperative imaging (e.g., ultrasound) to enhance a surgeon's capabilities. The SAW package therefore consists of implemented components (e.g., interfaces to many of the devices used for computer-integrated surgery) as well as reusable applications.

All software is available under an open source license, which can be found here. The source code can be obtained from, and Most users should check out the master branch.



We have a mailing list for any question related to the cisst package. You need to subscribe before you can actually post a message. The mailing list is:

For Johns Hopkins users, see how to subscribe in the Mailing lists help at Johns Hopkins. All other users can subscribe by sending an email to containing the command SUBSCRIBE erc-cisst-devel <your-first-name> <your-last-name> (you can also send the command HELP to get more information).


The cisst software has been developed with the support of the National Science Foundation, EEC 9731748, EEC 0646678, and MRI 0722943, and by Johns Hopkins University internal funds.