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Verilog source code for the Xilinx Spartan 6 on the FPGA1394 board

The FPGA1394_QLA subdirectory is the source code for the FPGA1394 board paired with the QLA. Currently, the QLA is the only supported companion board, but support for other boards could be added in different sub-directories. In that case, it would make sense to make a separate sub-directory for functionality on the FPGA1394 board, such as the FireWire interface, so that it can be shared between the different board configurations.

Note that there are two versions of the FPGA1394 board, Rev 1.x and Rev 2.x, where the latter version also contains an Ethernet interface. Thus, there are two main Verilog modules: FPGA1394_QLA.v (for Rev 1.x) and FPGA1394Eth_QLA.v (for Rev 2.x).

The project can be built using CMake and the Xilinx command line tools, or by loading one of the project files (FPGA1394-QLA.xise or FPGA1394Eth-QLA.xise) into Xilinx ISE. When using CMake on Windows, choose the NMake Makefiles generator [Update: CMake dependency checking seems to be broken on Windows].

CMake will automatically find the Xilinx command line tools if the Xilinx binary directory is in the PATH. Otherwise, the easiest way to find them is to first set the XILINX_ISE_BINARY_DIR variable in CMake and then configure again, which allow CMake to automatically find them. It is not necessary to add the Xilinx binary directory to your PATH (or LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux) to be able to compile the software using the CMake-generated makefiles. On Linux, it is better not to modify your environment (e.g., do not run source, as recommended by Xilinx) because the Xilinx versions of the system libraries, such as, are likely to be incompatible with other software.

Running make (on Linux) or nmake (on Windows) will build both versions of firmware. It will not run the timing analysis (Xilinx ISE trce tool). The timing (for both versions) can be run by invoking make timing or nmake timing. In addition, typing make generated or nmake generated will copy the MCS files from the build tree to the source tree (Generated directory) if they are different. Note that if you have forgotten to get a Xilinx ISE license file, the first few steps will work and the build will fail when running the map tool.

Getting a license file for Xilinx ISE on recent versions of Linux, such as Ubuntu 16.04, is problematic. The easiest solution is to get the license file by logging in to the Xilinx website, The alternative is to run the Xilinx license manager, xlcm, either directly or via ise (the IDE). In this case, you should first run source (or source The license manager will attempt to get the MAC address of your network card (even though it does not seem to be needed for the WebPACK license) and then use your browser to connect to the Xilinx website. For these steps to work, either or both of the following changes may be necessary:

  1. Set GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0" in \etc\default\grub, invoke update-grub and reboot. This sets your network interface to eth0, which is required by the license manager (otherwise, it does not find the MAC address).
  2. If you are using Firefox, the license manager may fail to launch Firefox, showing an error such as GLIBCXX_3.4.10 not found. This can be fixed by replacing the in the Xilinx common/lib/lin64 directory with a soft link to the standard library (e.g., in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu). This change can be reverted after getting the license file.

Documentation for the firmware is on the wiki:

For an overview of the boards and firmware, see: