FPGA Firmware Release Notes

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Rev 5.0

  • There are now two versions of firmware: FPGA1394-QLA (for FPGA V1.X) and FPGA1394Eth-QLA (for FPGA V2.X, with Ethernet connector). The FPGA pin assignments are different so the firmware is not interchangeable.
  • Added register for Ethernet IO and Status; most significant bit is '1' if Ethernet firmware is present; '0' otherwise.
  • Reversed order of digital outputs to match schematics.
  • Auto-detect whether digital output is Open Drain (MOSFET) or bi-directional transceiver.
  • Added support for PWM and single-shot behaviors on digital outputs.

Rev 4.0

  • Improved estimation of velocity from encoder feedback
  • Added support for broadcast communication between PC and FPGA boards
  • Added Encoder A, B, I input state to digital feedback (0x0A)
  • Added 25AA128 module (PROM on QLA board): byte R/W and block R/W
  • Initial support for USB virtual COM port -- echos received character
  • Changed FireWire address for FPGA prom from 0xC0 to 0x2000

Rev 3.0

  • Changed feedback motor current check that was introduced in Rev 2
    • Disable motor power if magnitude of measured current is more than 440 mA larger than commanded current for 50 msec, except when:
      • Measured motor current is small (less than 150 mA)
      • Commanded motor current is within 440 mA of maximum value
  • Added bits to status register to indicate when motor power turned off due to feedback current check (bits 7-4)
    • Bits are cleared by any write to the board, so it is possible to miss them (same is true for watchdog timeout)

Rev 2.0

  • Watchdog
    • Turn on watchdog by default (default watchdog is 340 ms)
    • Turn off auto reenable amplifier (need new data to reenable)
  • Add 40 ms sleep after board power enable
  • Check feedback motor current against command motor current
    • disable amplifier if current error is more than 900 mA

Rev 1.0

  • Initial release