An example Rails app that uses a Backbone.js UI for user signup, authentication, and password retrieval.
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Backbone.js Authentication UI with Ruby on Rails and Devise

Backbone Devise Screenshot

This is an example application that implements a user regisration, authentication, and password retrieval user interface using Backbone.js, Ruby on Rails, and Devise.

The front end also takes advantage of a few additional Backbone support libraries which include:

Demo Application

A demo application can be found at

Local Installation

  1. Clone the repository

    git clone git://

  2. Configure your database in config/database.yml. The current config assumes a custom local PostgreSQL configuration.

    vi config/database.yml

  3. Migrate the database

    rake db:migrate

  4. Start your webserver

    rails server


Integration tests have been written using Capybara and Selenium

Run the tests using

rake test