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A virtual machine for developing and testing Canvas


This project automates the setup of a development environment for Canvas. This will build a development box that includes all of the dependencies outlined in the Canvas Quickstart Guide. Please see that guide if you want more details on what's included in the build.


How To Build The Virtual Machine

To build the virtual machine, first start with:

host $ git clone
host $ cd canvas-lms-dev-box
host $ git submodule init
host $ git submodule update
host $ git clone
host $ vagrant up

Once this finishes you will have a fully configured development environment ready to go. To get the development server running, continue with the following:

host $ vagrant ssh
Welcome to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-23-generic-pae i686)
vagrant $ cd /vagrant/canvas-lms
vagrant $ bundle exec rake db:initial_setup
vagrant $ bundle exec rake canvas:compile_assets
vagrant $ bundle exec script/server

Once complete, canvas will be running on the virtual machine. You can access it from you browser locally at http://localhost:3000

Things to note

Vagrant mounts the root directory of this repository as /vagrant in the virtual machine. So you can make edits in your local machine and test or run the server in the virtual machine.

Virtual Machine Management

When done just log out with ^D and suspend the virtual machine

host $ vagrant suspend

then, resume to hack again

host $ vagrant resume


host $ vagrant halt

to shutdown the virtual machine, and

host $ vagrant up

to boot it again.

You can find out the state of a virtual machine anytime by invoking

host $ vagrant status

Finally, to completely wipe the virtual machine from the disk destroying all its contents:

host $ vagrant destroy # DANGER: all is gone

Please see the Vagrant Documentation for more information.

Special thanks

This development environment was based on the rails-dev-box project.


A virtual machine for developing and testing Canvas LMS



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