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Store your bookmarks in the cloud using Dydra
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Dydra Bookmarks

Save your bookmarks in the cloud using Dydra's cloud hosted RDF data store.

This project consists of two pieces. The first is a script which will convert your existing delicious bookmarks to and RDF data file. You can use this file to import your bookmarks into one of your repositories on Dydra.

The second piece of this project is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to add bookmarks to your Dydra repository from your browser.

Importing your bookmarks from Delicious

What you will need:

  • You downloaded bookmarks from delicious
  • The delicious_to_nt.rb script provided in this project
  • A working ruby interpreter installed
  • The following gems: nokogiri, rdf, dydra

You can download your bookmarks from here:

To run the script simply run the ruby file and provide it the name of your downloaded bookmarks file

ruby delicious_to_nt.rb delicious-2011032902.htm

This will create a file called bookmarks.nt

To import these bookmarks into dydra, issue the following Dydra command.

dydra import [your_repository] bookmarks.nt

Keeping your bookmarks up to date

The included chrome extension is currently in a very early beta stage. It will allow you to bookmark new sites, but it currently doesn't suppport removing bookmarks, editing existing bookmarks, or syncing. These features are all in the works.

Additionally, you won't find this extension published in the Chrome extensions gallery... yet. Until we've completed the basic functionality of removing and deleting existing bookmarks, we will require you to install the extension manually.

To install the extension you will need to download the code, visit your extensions manager page, click on the "Developer mode" link in the upper left, and then click on "Load unpacked extension". Browse to the location of the "chrome_extension" directory, and then click "open". The extension should now be installed.

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