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Merged PR #283 from @flyerhzm, for iOS 12 support.

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WebcamJS is in Maintenance Mode

Hey everyone! WebcamJS v1.x is going into maintenance mode as of Feb 11, 2017. That means I will only be able to fix critical bugs from here on in. I will not be adding any new features, or accepting any new PRs into this version. I am working on an all-new WebcamJS v2.0 implementation, which will feature real-time canvas effects, and plugin drivers for mobile support.

See for the v1.x documentation.

Looking for a good alternative to WebcamJS? Please check out JpegCamera by Adam Wróbel. It has many advanced features that WebcamJS is lacking (for example, upload multiple photos at once, retry failed uploads, CSRF tokens, make sure camera is ready), and has a very clean and object-oriented design.


Having trouble? See if your webcam is actually working in your browser: