Fork of "jPaginate: A Fancy jQuery Pagination Plugin" for i18n and more features. Original version by Cody can be found here :
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Based off Cory's AKA @tymdev's jPaginate:

Adding "first" and "last" options for i18n.
Default values are "First" and "Last" respectively.

Adding 5 new options : {
	first_last_display : true
	page_choice_display : false,
	item_count_display : true,
	item_count : 10,
	item_count_total : 0
This adds 3 things :
- a way to hide or show the "first" and "last" buttons
- a way to manually set the page # you want to access
- a way to manually specify the number of items you want to display by page (and optionally displaying the total number of items). Usefull for AJAX calls.

Also now, a click on "first" or "last" or on the actual selected page won't do any action (credits to Aleksandar for the idea).

The "min" and "increment" options allow for starting off a number different than 1. For example, if you want to show years from 2012 to 2002, use options like these:

	count     : 10,
	start     : 2012,
	display   : 7,
	min       : 2012,
	increment : -1