Yet another jQuery plugin to handle notifications. jnotify allows you to create types of notifications that you can refer to later in your code to easily have consistent error, success... notifications.
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Simply creates stacking up notifications after calling $.jnotify('zOMG jnotify is nice!');

You may remove a single notification by clicking anywhere on it or make them all disapear by double clicking on any of them.

It's possible to create presets of notifications so that when you specify a special type of message $.jnotify('message', 'error'), it will automatically use the set parameters for that preset type (for ex. timeout of 5 secs, 'mega-error' css class etc.). You may add, update or remove presets with :

$.jnotify('addPreset', 'error', {timeout: 5, type: 'error', css: 'error'});
$.jnotify('updatePreset', 'error', {timeout: 10, css: 'huge-error'});
$.jnotify('removePreset', 'error');

default options are :
'timeout' : 2, time in seconds after wich the jnotify will disapear ; 0 to make it stay
'type' : 'notice', may be anything having a meaning for you ; if null will use the name of the preset
'css' : null the css class used ; be sure to have a '.jnotify-'+css class set ; if null, uses type value

You may also change the default preset used if no preset is specified with : $.jnotify('setDefaultPreset', 'success'); Just make sure to have that preset 1st before setting it as default or it'll go back to notice.

Different ways to use $.jnotify :

$.jnotify('This is a sweet notice message!'); creates a notification with default preset (notice by default)
$.jnotify('This is a sweet success message!', 'success'); creates a notification with success preset ; if that preset does not exist, takes default preset but still use the success css class so you don't have to always create a preset if default behavior works for you
$.jnotify('This is a sweet long notice message!', {timeout: 50}); creates a notification with default preset but timeouts at 50 secs
$.jnotify('This is a sweet quick success message!', 'success', {timeout: 0.5}); creates a notification with success preset but a timeout of 0.5 seconds

Notifications themselves may totally be modified to suit your needs by changing css classes accordingly. The plugin creates a div#jnotify-stack that contains the div.jnotify that also have a '.jnotify-'+css class depending on the css or type given in options (ie: div.jnotify-success).