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TL;DR: Turo replaces your desktop calculator. Or the back-of-an-envelope. Or maybe a quick spreadsheet.

We've thought a lot about calculators, and specifically what they could be in a modern era.

The more we thought and the more we spoke to people, we found that:

  • everyone has their own sums and calculations that they work with on a regular basis
  • traditional calculators do the barest minimum to help with these sums and calculations, and everyone is used it to.
  • developers don't build better calculators because they are a solved problem. Who wants to work on a trivial problem that is already solved?

We think that helping people with their everyday calculations is not a solved problem, and that the space between the back-of-an-envelope and an Excel spreadsheet is interesting and relatively unexplored.

So now here: we present Turo, a calculating notepad.

Tools to help you think

  • When we work with numbers, we construct a model of the world with a series of interrelated statements. Turo understands this: variables not M+, MR and MC. Changing a variable causes everything that used that variable to update.
  • Numbers in the real world are often have units (1 mm, 2 psi, 3 km/s). Turo handles all the trickiness and constants so you don't need to think about it. You can focus on how fast something is going, instead of how many meters there are in a mile.
  • We describe our world in words as well as numbers. Turo let's you describe your model right next to the calculations.

Show us your workings

It's webbased, and free-to-use. You can share your working with others by copy pasting the URL in the location bar.

You can save your workings by bookmarking them. You can see some live examples here.

It's built with a balance of approachability and power in mind, to allow easy things to be done by normal human beings, but also more sophisticated things for power users.

In short, we built it to be simple, elegant and clever.

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