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Fast encoded-response DNS server implementation
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netip 1.2 - a fast, echo-response DNS server
Copyright (c) James Hunt <>

USAGE: ./netip [-b host:port] [-n base.tld]


  -h, --help     Show the help screen
  -v, --version  Show version information
  -b, --bind     Host IP address and port to bind (UDP)
                 (defaults to
  -d, --domain   Toplevel domain to resolve for
                 (defaults to
  -s, --serial   Set the SOA zone serial.  If set to '-',
                 the current epoch timestamp is used (default)

netip does not daemonize; if you want to run it in the
background, you will need to arrange something yourself.

Error and warning messages will be printed to standard
error; statistics will go to standard output.


If you want to run this software via Docker (or your cgroups orchestrator of choice), we have an image for you!

docker run -d --restart=always huntprod/

This will run a netip instance for the domain, bound to the first non-loopback interface inside the container. You probably want to forward the traffic back out:

docker run -d --restart=always \
           -p 53:53/udp \

The following environment variables can be set via -e:

  • BIND_IP - The IP address to bind (via UDP/53) to and listen for incoming DNS queries.

  • DOMAIN - The domain to serve; the of; defaults accordingly.

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