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New Features

  • New markdown filter for converting Markdown into HTML, inside the template.
  • New uriencode and uridecode filter, for those times when you need to embed URLs in other URLs (i.e. for social media links).

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  • We have a Docker image now! https://hub.docker.com/r/huntprod/verse/
    To use it, just reference huntprod/verse:latest, or huntprod/verse:0.10.0.

  • New Template language that doesn't depend on Template Toolkit, and is
    more redistributable as a result. Don't worry, though, it looks like the same
    templates you're used to, with some new hotness.

  • verse run now takes a port number for adjusting the listening bind.
    Try it out: verse run 8080

  • A minimalist, yet beautiful default theme replaces the existing variadic
    theme. The new default theme is more lightweight (no images) and
    highly customizable.

  • Removed dependencies on File::Slurp, which is going to have some problems
    when Perl 5.30 comes around (at least, according to Perl 5.26).

Bug Fixes

  • verse new no longer tries to execute the site.yml if you have no $EDITOR
    environment variable defined.

@jhunt jhunt released this Feb 18, 2017 · 44 commits to master since this release

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Let's start releasing Verse via Github's Releases feature!

This marks the first public release of Verse, at version 0.9.0. The attached verse script should be portable across mot systems, as long as they have a new enough vintage of Perl itself. We're using the excellent App::FatPacker module to pack up all of our Perl libdeps into a single script, and we've moved away from XS modules like YAML::XS that require a compiler to build.

Also, you can now verse -v or verse version to find the version of Verse you are running.