Convert an Apple encoded wav file to FLAC encoded file
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Use libFLAC to convert a WAVE file generated by Apple's Core Audio Framework to one or more FLAC files specified by interval_seconds.

Open Source under the BSD license, see LICENSE.txt for details.

To use in your project: 

1. Build and include FLACiOS framework in your project: 
2. In your Objective C class:

#include "wav_to_flac.h"

NSString *flacFileWithoutExtension = //path to the output file
NSString *waveFile = //path to the wave input file
int interval_seconds = 30;
char** flac_files = (char**) malloc(sizeof(char*) * 1024);

int conversionResult = convertWavToFlac([waveFile UTF8String], [flacFileWithoutExtension UTF8String], interval_seconds, flac_files);

//do something with the flac_files