Hide all (or specified) columns if no cells in the column(s) are populated with any values
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DataTables Plugin - Hide Empty Columns

Current HEC Version: v1.2.1 Supported jQuery: v1.11.3+ Supported DataTables: v1.10.9+

❗️ Note: This plugin is not actively maintained ❗️

This plugin/library was created by me out of necessity, and released to help others that may need it. I don't have time to actively maintain the code to keep up with DataTables updates or bugs in my code. If you run into an issue, feel free to attribute your own changes. 👍

Set the column visibility to hidden for any targeted columns that contain nothing but null or empty values.

(Demo Here)


Parameter Type Default Description
hideEmptyCols boolean/object true Enable/Disable hideEmptyCols plugin
hideEmptyCols.columns array All Columns Determine which columns to target, can either use the column name, the index, or a negative integer to target columns starting from the right side of the table
hideEmptyCols.whiteList boolean true Determine if the targets listed in hideEmptyCols.columns should be treated as a whitelist or blacklist (false will target all columns except those listed)
hideEmptyCols.trim boolean true Trim the values before determining if the cell is empty
hideEmptyCols.perPage boolean false Only hide column(s) if they're empty on the current page (executes on necessary events)
hideEmptyCols.emptyVals array/string/number/regex N/A Define extra values to be interpred as empty (String, Number or Regex pattern, or an array of said values)
hideEmptyCols.onStateLoad boolean true Determine if the column visibility should be set when the DataTables stateLoadParams event is fired (when saveState is enabled)

Example Usage

Basic Initialization - Hide any columns with no values

    hideEmptyCols: true

Target all columns & use DataTables ColumnsToggle button

    dom: 'Bt',
    buttons: [ 'columnsToggle' ],
    hideEmptyCols: true

Target the column indexes 0 and 3, and the column on the right side of the table

    hideEmptyCols: [ 0, 3, -1 ]

Target columns via name (Using JSON or AJAX data src with Objects)

$('#example-1').DataTable( {
    hideEmptyCols: ['extn', 5], // Target extension col, and 5th col (salary)
    data: dataSet,
    columns: [
        { title: "Name", data: "name" },
        { title: "Position", data: "position" },
        { title: "Office", data: "office" },
        { title: "Extn.", data: "extn" },
        { title: "Start date",  data: "start_date" },
        { title: "Salary",  data: "salary" }
} );

Target all columns except column indexes 1 and 3

    hideEmptyCols: {
    	columns: [1,3],
    	whiteList: false

Target column indexes 1 and 4, adding custom empty values, and only hide the column if empty on current page

    hideEmptyCols: {
        columns: [ 1, 4 ],
        perPage: true,
        emptyVals: [ '0', /(no|false|disabled)/i ]


Features I plan on adding whenever time permits..

  • Persistent user preferences (perPage setting) - When a viewer hides/shows a specific column or columns, said column(s) should stay in that state, regardless of if they're populated or not; Currently, if a viewer hides/shows a column, then changes pages or filters the table (anything causing the JS to re-execute the column population checks), the columns will be toggled, despite what the viewer set them to be manually.
  • Compatibility with DataTables [stateSave](https://datatables.net/reference/option/stateSave) setting - As shown in an issue opened by a user, the DataTables stateSave setting clashes with HEC, I need to fix that :(