Another Scheme dialect written in Java
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The very first toy language I wrote for studying the essence of programing language.

JCScheme = Jiacai's Scheme 😊


1. S-expression

JCScheme use S-expression internally to represent AST like any other Scheme.

FYI, diagram below is the S-expression of (+ 1 2 (* 3 4)) behind AST_demo

2. eval-apply cycle

As for evaluating code, JCScheme models after eval-apply cycle described in SICP 4.1

eval-apply cycle

More explanations can be found in my Chinese blog 《我的第一个玩具语言 JCScheme 问世了》


git clone
cd JCScheme; mvn clean package
java -jar target/JCScheme-*.jar

You can install rlwrap to support line editing, persistent history and completion.

# ubuntu
sudo apt-get install rlwrap
# centos
sudo yum install rlwrap
# Mac
brew install rlwrap  # for Homebrew
port install rlwrap  # for MacPorts

Then, run JCScheme like this

rlwrap java -jar target/JCScheme-*.jar


  1. datatype
    • number
    • bool
    • string
    • pair
    • list
    • function
  2. builtin keywords
    • if
    • def
    • lambda
  3. builtin functions
    • bool: andornot
    • number: +-*/><=
    • pair/list: conscarcdrlistnull?
    • string: str=?
    • other: print

Code snippets can be found in ChangeLog



MIT License © Jiacai Liu