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{:user {:plugins [[lein-try "0.4.3"]
[com.gfredericks/lein-shorthand "0.4.1"]
[venantius/ultra "0.6.0"]
[jonase/eastwood "0.3.5"]
:dependencies [[alembic "0.3.2"]
[vvvvalvalval/scope-capture "0.3.2"]
:shorthand {. {pp clojure.pprint/pprint
distill alembic.still/distill
doc clojure.repl/doc
source clojure.repl/source
lein alembic.still/lein
join clojure.string/join
spy sc.api/spy
letsc sc.api/letsc
defsc sc.api/defsc
ep-repl sc.repl/ep-repl
:aliases {"lint" ["eastwood"]}
;; :ultra {:repl false}
;; :repositories [["clojars" {:url ""}]]
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