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History Master Chrome Web Store Mozilla Add-on

πŸ’‘ Visualize browsing history, Discover your unknown habits, downloads supported.

πŸ† Try to be the best practical history manager ever!

Open an issue If you have any problems/suggestions. πŸ’—



  • Advanced search/filter/sort functions

    1. Search by date range and keyword
    2. Filter by hour in one day
    3. Sort by visit time or visit count
  • Inspiring chart views

    1. Line chart for page views
    2. Pie chart for top-n visited websites, by title or domain
    3. Pie chart for URL schemes
    4. Pie chart for Transistion type


activity Page Views URL Schemes Transition Type


History Master is written in pure JavaScript before v2.0.0, you can check this version at legacy-js-src.

Afterwards, it's got a big rewrite in ClojureScript + Reagent + Re-frame +,which locates in cljs-src.

Since it's written in cljs, so lein is required to develop this extension. To get the final release version, run script, it will generate a zip file in your home directory.



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