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Oh My GitHub

Oh My GitHub is a delightful, open source tool for managing your GitHub repositories/gists.


  • Support sync repos/gists to local storage(SQLite)
  • Rich search syntax
  • Fast. Oh My GitHub’s core is built in GNU99 C (tested with Valgrind/ASAN)

There are mainly two user interfaces:

  • Emacs. Full-featured
    • Sync
    • Repositories
      • Unstar
      • Query latest commits
      • Query latest releases
      • Download release asset files
    • Gists
      • Download gist files
    • Pull
      • Create Pull Request
    • Full docs
  • CLI, TBD


  • [x] Trending
  • [x] Gists
  • [ ] Issue


  • Ubuntu
  • macOS

Dependencies can be found in Makefile’s install-deps target


Copyright (c) 2022 Jiacai Liu <>

Oh My GitHub is distributed under GPL-3.0 license.