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; (not (x and y)) = (or (not x) (not y))
; 用 a 替换 (not x), b 替换 (not y), 可得
; (not ((not a) and (not b))) = (or a b)
(define (or-gate a1 a2 output)
(let ((x (make-wire))
(y (make-wire))
(z (make-wire)))
(inverter a1 x)
(inverter a2 y)
(and-gate x y z)
(inverter z output))
; 这里 或门 的延迟时间,主要是 与门 和 非门 的组合,分下面三部
; 1. (inverter a1 x) (inverter a2 y) 同时进行,延迟为 inverter-delay
; 2. (and-gate x y z),延迟为 and-gate-delay
; 3. (inverter z output),延迟为 inverter-delay
; 所有,总的 or-gate-delay = 2 * inverter-delay + and-gate-delay