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; a)
(define (letrec? exp)
(tagged-list exp 'letrec))
(define (letrec-bindings exp)
(cadr exp))
(define (letrec-binding-vars exp)
(map car (letrec-bindings exp)))
(define (letrec-binding-vals exp)
(map cadr (letrec-bindings exp)))
(define (letrec-body exp)
(cddr exp))
(define (make-unassigned-bindings vars)
(map (lambda (var) (cons var '*unassigned*)) vars))
(define (make-set-clauses vars vals)
(map (lambda (var val) (list 'set! var val)) vars vals))
(define (letrec->let exp)
(let ((vars (letrec-binding-vars exp))
(vals (letrec-binding-vals exp)))
(make-let (make-unassigned-bindings vars)
(append (make-set-clauses vars vals)
(letrec-body exp)))))
; b)
;let 就相当于是一次过程应用,展现形式如下:
((lambda (even? odd?)
<rest of body of f>)
(lambda (n) <body of even? including call to odd?>)
(lambda (n) <body of odd? including call to even?>))
;这里 lambda 中的两个参数 even? odd? 的名字是可以随意更改的,但是在下面的两个 lambda 参数中,even? odd? 是预先定义好的,无法修改,所以这时会有错误。