Code for Reservoir computing (Echo state network)
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Code for reservoir computing.


The reservoir is constructed by the parameters defined in reservoir.config, which is:

    "input": {
        "nodes": 2,
        "functions": [
            "lambda x: np.sin(128 * np.pi * x)",
            "lambda x: x"
        "length": 5000
    "reservoir": {
        "start_node": 100,
        "end_node": 100,
        "step": 2,
        "degree_function": "lambda x: np.sqrt(x)",
        "sigma": 0.5,
        "bias": 1,
        "leakage_rate": 0.3,
        "regression_parameter": 1e-08
    "output": {
        "nodes": 2
    "training": {
        "init": 1000,
        "train": 3000,
        "test": 2000,
        "error": 1000

It will generate the prediction.

For one single signal input:

For two signals input:
sin(t) and t:

For three singals input:
Lorenz System:

Rössler System:

The result will be gathered in the file reservoir.output, you can visualize it by running ./ reservoir.output or ./ reservoir.output