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Zero-order Reverse Filtering

by Xin Tao, Chao Zhou, Xiaoyong Shen, Jue Wang, Jiaya Jia. (pdf)

Code and data will be available upon paper acceptance.

Filter Toolbox (Updating)

In this project, we collect many famous image filters for testing.

And we believe it will be useful and convenient to have one single repo for collection of image filters.

Currently, our Filter Toolbox contains 16 filters, all of which are from authors' implementation:

  • AMF: Adaptive Manifolds for Real-Time High-Dimensional Filtering [project]

  • BFG: Real-time Edge-Aware Image Processing with the Bilateral Grid [project]

  • RF: Domain Transform for Edge-Aware Image and Video Processing [project]

  • GF: Guided Image Filtering [project]

  • WMF: 100+ Times Faster Weighted Median Filter [project]

  • L0: Image Smoothing via L0 Gradient Minimization [project]

  • LE: Edge-preserving Multiscale Image Decompostion based on Local Extrema [project]

  • BFPL: Fast High-Dimensional Filtering Using the Permutohedral Lattice [project]

  • RGF: Rolling Guidance Filter [project] ...


If the filter toolbox or our method are useful for your research, please consider citing:

  author    = {Xin Tao and
               Chao Zhou and
               Xiaoyong Shen and
               Jue Wang and
               Jiaya Jia},
  title     = {Zero-order Reverse Filtering},
  journal   = {CoRR},
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  year      = {2017},
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Please send email to