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Update docs/dev_guide/getting_started/mojito_getting_started_tutorial…


to do for passing the unit test
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commit dc79b8bc513895f258eccc23722bb62acfabe691 1 parent f6d7bec
@jianlin authored
2  docs/dev_guide/getting_started/mojito_getting_started_tutorial.rst
@@ -205,7 +205,7 @@ controller outputs different results.
#. Change to the ``tests`` directory.
#. Edit ``controller.server-tests.js`` and replace the string 'Mojito is working.'
- in the code with 'Hello World!'. Your ``controller.server-tests.js`` should
+ in the code with 'Doing well, thanks.'. Your ``controller.server-tests.js`` should
look similar to the following code:
.. code-block:: javascript
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