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CagingLoop in Matlab

This is an Matlab implementation of the paper "Caging Loops in Shape Embedding Space: Theory and Computation". The paper is about synthesizing feasible caging grasps for a target object through computing Caging Loops, a closed curve defined in the shape embedding space of the object. This code was originally written by Jian Liu from Shan Dong University and is being improved and maintained here in this repository.

Note that the current version approvides the main interfaces of CagingLoop.The main interfaces include grasping space construction, p-based distance field computation, saddle points detection and caging loop generation.


CagingLoop should be run with Matlab R2015B. A function Library implemented with Matlab is provided in the folder of tool. Before running the main interfaces of CagingLoop, you need to add Full Path of the tool folder in Matlab.

  1. run pointCloudVoxelizationByRBF.m to discretize the grasping space based on RBF
  2. run DistanceMapByFastMarching.m to compute the distance field rooted at source point
  3. run detectSaddlePoint.m to detect the saddle points
  4. run generateCagingGrasp.m to generate a caging loop connecting source point and saddle point


If you use this code, please cite the following paper.

@article {liu2018RopeCA,
	title = {Caging Loops in Shape Embedding Space: Theory and Computation},
	author = {Jian Liu and Shiqing Xin and Zengfu Gao and Kai Xu and Changhe Tu and Baoquan Chen},
	journal = {2018 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)},
  	year = {2018},
	pages = {?}


The source code of the paper named Caging Loops in Shape Embedding Space: Theory and Computation



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