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Image analysis code (Python) for EOS 1 open-source spectrometer
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Image analysis code (Python) for EOS 1 open-source spectrometer. For more information please go to:

Python version 2.7.15 | Anaconda 64-bit

Required libraries:

  • numpy
  • matplotlib
  • os, sys, datetime, warnings
  • PIL (needed in but not in

Please read ImgAna_simplified.ipynb first. It explains how the image analysis code works. can be used in two ways:

  • If run it as a Python script, just follow the prompt. It will first ask you to do a calibration.
  • If import it as a Python module, you will have access to the EOS1_img class. is pretty much the same as except that it has implemented check_align function. It also provides the option of automatic tilt correction (will need the PIL library to do so).

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