Cross-platform, multi-site, multi-threaded manga downloader with over 5000 distinct mangas. Includes support for automated downloading via external .xml file and conversion for viewing on the Kindle.
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Note: There is an ongoing rewrite in the 1.0.0 branch (pull requests welcome!), which will break backwards-compatibility with the current version (0.x).
Once it's released, this version will be deprecated and all development and support will be dropped.

Manga-Downloader is a cross-platform Windows/Mac/Linux Python 2/3 script.

It can be automated via an external xml file, and can convert images for viewing on the Kindle.

Currently supports,, and with a total of over 10,000 mangas. Downloads into .cbz format, can optionally download into .zip instead.


Python 2.6+, including 3.x

PIL if using Kindle conversion.

How to backport to:

  • 2.5 - change the exception-handling code and use StringIO instead of io module
  • 2.4 - removing parentheses after class declarations

Usage [options] <manga name> <manga name> <etc.>

The script will offer a choice of 3 manga sites, it will default to the first upon pressing 'enter'.

After selecting a site, the script will output a list of all chapters of the series it has found on the site you selected.

When it prompts "Download which chapters?", type in the ones you want delimited by '-' and ','. You can also type 'all' if you did not specify --all before.



show program's version number and exit

-h, --help

show this help message and exit


Download all available chapters.

-d <download path>, --directory=<download path>

The destination download directory. Defaults to a directory named after the manga.


Overwrites previous copies of downloaded chapters.

-t <number>, --threads=<number>

Limits the number of chapter threads to the user specified value. Default value is 3.


Verbose output.

-x <xmlfile path>, --xml=<xmlfile path>

Parses the .xml file and downloads all chapters newer than the last chapter downloaded for the listed mangas.

-z, --zip

Downloads using .zip compression. Omitting this option defaults to .cbz.

-c, --convertFiles

Converts the files that are downloaded to a Format/Size ratio acceptable to the device specified by the device parameter. The converted images are saved in the directory specified by the outputDirectory parameter.


Specifies the target device for the image conversion.


Converts the image files stored in the directory specified by the inputDirectory parameter. Stores the images in the directory specified by the outputDirectory Parameter


The directory containing the images to convert when convertDirectory is specified.


The directory to store the converted Images. Omitting this option defaults to DOWNLOAD_PATH/Pictures.

-k <number of chapters in tankoubon>, --tankoubon=<number of chapters in tankoubon>

Allows you to build a tankoubon (a volume file with multiple chapters in it) and specify how many chapters you want in each of them. Defaults to: 1, which means no tankoubon will be created.


If -k is specified, this will remove the individual chapter files after building the tankoubon. It has no effect if -k is not specified. Omitting this option defaults to: False.

Usage -d "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Documents\Manga\" -z Bleach

On a Windows machine, downloads 'Bleach' to C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Documents\Manga\, using .zip compression.

./ --overwrite Bleach

On a Linux/Unix machine, downloads 'Bleach' to ./Bleach, using .cbz compression and overwriting previously downloaded chapters.


Downloads chapters 1, 2, and 9 through 12


Downloads all chapters

./ -x example.xml

Parses example.xml to run the script.