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Chnages for 0.78 Mon Apr 30 19:45:00 BST 2012
* Use POSIX::_exit() instead of exit() in
run_forked(). Reported by Mithun Ayachit
[RT 76901]
Changes for 0.76 Mon Jan 30 11:30:53 GMT 2012
* Make the empty arg stripping the default again,
with option to override this behaviour.
Changes for 0.74 Mon Jan 30 10:24:30 GMT 2012
* Applied patch from WATANABE Hiroaki [RT #74470]
"Empty string cannot be passed to command"
* Resolved [RT #74373] reported by Randy Stauner
"Compilation error when fails to load"
Changes for 0.72 Wed Jun 22 12:29:59 BST 2011
* Added IPC::Open3 support for capturing STDOUT/STDERR
on MSWin32, prefer this over IPC::Run
Changes for 0.70 Mon Jan 31 20:34:09 GMT 2011
* Apply a patch from Petya Kohts, RT #65276, with
changes for run_forked:
1) fix for the typo in the name of the signal
2) changed default for clean_up_children (which
seems to be the behavior expected by the majority of the users)
3) added detection (and forwarding to the caller) of the case
when run program is killed by signal
4) kill_gently is now used in cases when parent died
and when the executed program times out
5) added options which allow to execute some user code
in the beginning and at the end of the child
Changes for 0.68 Fri Jan 7 21:08:58 GMT 2011
* Apply blead patch from Peter Acklam
Changes for 0.66 Tue Nov 23 12:10:24 GMT 2010
* Apply documentation patch from Dan Dascalescu [RT # 63250]
* Apply another documentation patch from Dan Dascalescu [RT #63251]
* Fix an issue with _split_like_shell_win32() raised by tunakermit [RT #62961]
Changes for 0.64 Tue Oct 19 19:01:05 BST 2010
* Only enable the can_run instances behaviour when
global variable $INSTANCES is set
Changes for 0.62 Tue Oct 19 15:51:30 BST 2010
* Amended can_run behaviour to run all found instances
of the given binary in a list context
Changes for 0.60 Mon Jul 5 09:04:54 BST 2010
* Corrected spelling mistakes in POD, spotted by H.Merijn Brand
* Apply a patch from Burak Gursoy RT #58886, which fixes paths
on MSWin32
* Apply patch from Petya Kohts, RT #50398, which allows more
flexible configuration of run_forked and its children
Changes for 0.58 Thu Apr 29 20:49:07 BST 2010
* Applied patch from Petya Kohts, RT #50398, which
adds 'terminate_on_parent_sudden_death' option to
* Applied patches from David Morel RT #56973, which
add 'discard_output' option to run_forked().
* Added documentation as suggested by Rafaël Garcia-Suarez
in RT #56973
Changes for 0.56 Wed Feb 3 14:17:00 GMT 2010
* Applied patch from Petya Kohts, RT #50398, which
updates run_forked() to allow coderefs
Changes for 0.54 Sun Nov 15 21:43:51 GMT 2009
* Fixed issues on older perls requiring Time::HiRes
Changes for 0.52 Fri Nov 13 16:15:11 GMT 2009
* Added documentation for run_forked()
Changes for 0.51_01 Sun Nov 8 22:36:33 GMT 2009
* Apply patch from Petya Kohts, RT #50398, which adds
Changes for 0.50 Mon Sep 7 16:17:32 BST 2009
* Apply patch from Steve Hay that fixes a test failure in
core since the move from lib/ to ext/ [RT #49490]
Changes for 0.48 Mon Sep 7 15:12:43 BST 2009
* Apply a patch from Vincent Pit to fix warnings when undefined
values are provided in the command list [RT #48868]
Changes for 0.46 Fri Jun 12 13:40:09 UTC 2009
* Apply patch from Craig Berry to quote arguments correctly
on VMS. See RT #46288 for details.
Non-VMS users need not upgrade
Changes for 0.44 Mon May 4 10:13:19 CEST 2009
* Apply core patch to silence diagnostics during perl
core tests. Users of 0.42 need not upgrade.
Changes for 0.42 Fri Oct 10 11:42:28 CEST 2008
* Promote 0.41_07 to stable as it passes tests on all
CPAN Testers platforms now.
Changes for 0.41_07 Sun Oct 5 18:18:15 CEST 2008
* This release addresses issues for Win32 commands using quoted
strings containing whitespace. Non Win32 users need not upgrade.
* Copy in Module::Build::Platform::Windows->split_like_shell, as
Text::ParseWords::shelwords() uses UNIX semantics, which breaks on
Win32. Now IPC:Cmd uses ->split_like_shell on Win32, and shellwords()
on a UNIX like platform.
* Export QUOTE and add docs for it to allow users to pick a platform
agnostic quote character.
* Utility functions to check for ipc::run and ipc::open3 presence
now return their respective version
* Use '"' (double quote) as quote character in all the whitespace tests
-- they only contain constants
* Improved diagnostics in test suite, so it's easier to see what
configuration failed from a single line of test output
* Disable gzip test in production releases
Changes for 0.41_06 Wed Sep 24 17:03:14 CEST 2008
* Add missing source file for tests. Users of 0.41_05
need not upgrade.
Changes for 0.41_05 Mon Sep 22 14:22:45 CEST 2008
* Address whitespace issues in commands: if the full command
contains special chars (ie, <,>,|,&) it needs to be stringified
for system() and ipc::open3 or the special chars are escaped
as arguments to the command. So, if you pass an arrayref as
command, we'll stringify it.
Of course that conflicts with arguments containing whitespace,
so if we need to stringify we'll also attempt to fixup any
arguments that have whitespace with the OS specific quote.
* Added tests for pipes, whitespace and pipes + whitespace to make
sure our fix works
* Documentation on whitespace updated accordingly.
Changes for 0.41_04 Mon Jul 14 15:54:57 CEST 2008
* Forgot to add new test file. Users of 0.41_03
need not to upgrade.
Changes for 0.41_03 Sun Jul 13 14:59:44 CEST 2008
* Address #36365: IPC::Cmd error reporting by adding extra
diagnostics on failure and pretty printing of errors
* Fix the issue that caused many testers failures:
When _ipc_open3_run is interrupted by an alarm, the FDs were
not being restored, causing subsequent processes to not have
access to STDIN.
* Add more diagnostics to 01.t
* Add tests for interleaving stdout/stderr, which are now TODO
Record this as #37532: Unable to interleave STDOUT and STDERR
Mention this in the Caveats sections of the docs
Changes for 0.41_02 Sun Jun 29 17:38:47 CEST 2008
* Implement timeouts for commands (#36437)
Changes for 0.41_01 Sun Apr 6 14:10:17 CEST 2008
* Strip empty whitespace from array ref commands -- some
commands can't deal with an empty argument after (like
make) and will exit with an error because of it
* Address 29532, 29723 and 32187 which all have issues
with using arguments containing whitespace. IPC::Cmd
can now deal with arguments with whitespace properly
using IPC::Run, Open3 and system.
Tests are added for this.
* Apply patch from John M. ipc::open3 does not work on
OpenVMS because it claims that it needs fork().
* Merge the 2 test routines for stdout/stderr tests by
making the buffer to inspect a variable
Changes for 0.40 Wed Oct 17 10:57:11 CEST 2007
* Promote 0.39_01 to stable. Users who already have
0.38 installed do not need to upgrade. This is merely
a test suit portability fix for perl 5.005
Changes for 0.39_01 Tue Oct 16 10:59:35 CEST 2007
* Address test failure on 5.00505 by using 2-arg
version of open, instead of 3-arg version.
Changes for 0.38 Thu Oct 11 17:04:28 CEST 2007
* Address perlbug [perl #46293] IPC::Cmd can lose stderr
* Apply [perl #46111] [PATCH] Add tests for stderr-only
in IPC::Cmd to test for that bug
Changes for 0.36 Fri Nov 24 14:55:56 CET 2006
* 3-arg open doesn't work on 5.6.2 properly, so we changed
to the 2-arg form of open. This to avoid errors as seen
in this report:
Changes for 0.34 Fri Oct 20 15:13:23 CEST 2006
* use Carp::carp explicitly
Changes for 0.32 Fri Oct 13 13:08:23 CEST 2006
* Fix logic to detect IPC::Open3 usability on various platforms
* Propogate the programs exit code properly when using IPC::Open3
* Make IPC::Run a dependency on request
Changes for 0.30 Wed Oct 11 13:00:40 CEST 2006
* 0.29_01 upgraded to stable.
Changes for 0.29_01 Thu Oct 5 16:34:44 CEST 2006
* Rework IPC::Cmd heavily to work better on win32
* Add $WARN as global variable
* Pass parents STDOUT/STDERR to IPC::Open3 to attach STDOUT/STDERR to
the current tty. This doesn't support capturing buffers, but there
seems no way to do this, without using Win32::* modules.
Changes for 0.25 Wed Sep 6 17:32:18 CEST 2006
* Add proper interactive support for IPC::Open3
Thanks to James Mastros and Martijn van de
* Add an interactive test file for this support
(skipped under Test::Harness)
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