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##Purpose: This is intended to provide a way to visually validate the triggering of events and their attributes as they are passed to various tracking services.


  • Activate and Deactivate switches
  • Small notification tray with event name and attributes


  • ARC

##Integration Steps:

  • Add SBTrackingNotifier to project

  • In the app delegate class, #import "SBTrackingManager.h" and add the following line of code to application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: function"

    [[SBTrackingNotificationManager sharedInstance] setUpTrackingNotifications];
  • Add your various analytics and tracking providers tracking methods in SBTrackingManager.m method named -(void)tagEvent:(NSString *)event attributes:(NSDictionary *)attributes

  • Each time you wish to track an envent in your code use the function:

     [[SBTrackingManager sharedManager] tagEvent:@"[Event Name]" attributes:@{@"[Key]": @"[Value]"}];


  • Tap three times with two fingers to activate the notification UI
  • After being activated, the notifications will be automatically triggered
  • Tap the notifications to dismiss early