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#BigBlueButton Extension for Joomla (3.X)

Note: If you have already installed V1.X then please take a backup of meeting rooms before installing this version. New version won't update the old meeting rooms but it will left old table __bbb_meetings. So, you can delete that table later.

This extension can connect your user with BigBlueButton server from joomla. You need to setup a BigBlueButton server to use this extension. You can see server configuration documents from here:

To test the extension, you can use this open server to configure and test your setup:

salt: 8cd8ef52e8e101574e400365b55e11a6

Demo info:


  1. Unlimited meeting rooms.
  2. Unlimited Events.
  3. Pull recordings.
  4. Joomla standard component with module. So, you can use in menu or any module position.
  5. Items can be add from both backend & frontend
  6. Calendar view for showing events in one calendar.
  7. More....

How to use this extension?

  1. Download the zip archive. It's a Joomla package. It's content one component & one module. Both will be install automatically when you will install this package. Note: This extension will work with Joomla 3.X only.

  2. Now go to Components Manager & select "BigBlueButton".

  3. From Component click on "Options" button from top. In there you have to put server URL & Salt. Without this information you can't connect with your BigBlueButton server.

  4. Now add your meeting name, moderator password etc..

  5. Go to menu manager to add item in menu or can use module.

Looking for BigBlueButton Hosting? Get your free trial now.

Community Support:!topic/bigbluebutton-users/2KR17pYPh70


BigBlueButton conference software integration to Joomla website.





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