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Lightroom plug-in to add menu item for catalog backup
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Copyright 2014 Joergen Ibsen


BackupHelper is a Lightroom plug-in that adds a menu item to request a catalog backup next time Lightroom exits.

You can do this manually by opening the Catalog Settings, and choose the appropriate item in the Backup popup of the General tab. This plug-in is merely a (slightly more) convenient way to do this.

For more information on Lightroom plug-ins, check the Lightroom SDK.


Lightroom requires plug-ins to be in folders with special extensions. For BackupHelper, this means you need to place the Lua files in a folder called BackupHelper.lrplugin

If you create this folder in one of the default locations Lightroom looks for plug-ins, it should be picked up automatically. Otherwise you will have to open the Plug-in Manager, click Add, and point Lightroom to where the folder is (and remember, if the folder containing the Lua files does not have the .lrplugin extension, Lightroom will not recognize it).

After BackupHelper is added to Lightroom, you should see it in the Library menu under the Plugin-Extras submenu. When you select it, a backup will be suggested the next time you exit Lightroom.

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