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  <title>JiBX: 1.2.5 Release</title>
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      <td><h1>JiBX: 1.2.3 Release</h1>
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          <a href="">Home Page</a> |
          <a href="">SourceForge Page</a> |
          <a href="docs/mail-lists.html">Mailing Lists</a> |
          <a href="docs/bugs">Bugs</a> |
          <a href="">Downloads</a>
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      <div class="h3">
      <h3>Welcome to the 1.2.5 Release</h3>

<html><head><meta name="qrichtext" content="1" /></head><body style="font-size:10pt;font-family:Sans">
<p>This 1.2.5 release provides a single enhancement, which is full support for Java 7. With 1.2.5 you
can bind class files compiled with Java 7 and keep full Java 7 compatibility for these class files.
Class files generated by JiBX continue to use an older form, but are loaded without any problems by
both Java 7 and older JVMs. So just to be clear, JiBX 1.2.5 is fully compatible with both Java 7 and
older JDK/JVM versions.</p>

<p>The <i>docs</i> subdirectory contains the full <a href="./docs/index.html">JiBX

<p>To help you get started using JiBX, you can find several introductory projects in
the <i>examples</i> directory, all with Ant build scripts provided. The <i>examples/bindgen</i>
directory gives examples of using JiBX to generate schema definitions and corresponding
bindings from existing Java code. The documentation includes a full
<a href="./docs/fromcode/bindgen-examples.html">discussion</a> of these examples.
The <i>examples/codegen</i> directory gives examples of using JiBX to generate Java
code and corresponding bindings from XML schema definitions, again as
<a href="./docs/fromschema/codegen-examples.html">discussed</a> in the documentation. The
<i>examples/jibx2wsdl</i> directory gives examples of using JiBX to generate WSDL web
service definitions from existing Java code. Finally,
the <i>examples/starter</i> project gives a barebones projects demonstrating how you can work
with JiBX using an existing binding definition. This last example is based on the first sample from
the <a href="./docs/binding/tutorial/binding-tutorial.html">binding tutorial</a>.
The source codes for the full set of samples in the binding tutorial are also provided,
<a href="./tutorial/index.html">separately</a>.</p>


<p>This download includes the XPP3 Pull Parser implementation of the XMLPull
parser API. See the <a href="">XPP3
home page</a> for details on the parser.</p>

<p>This download includes the Apache Jakarta BCEL Byte Code Engineering Library
(version 5.1). See the <a href="">BCEL home page</a>
for details on the library. It also includes the Apache Jakarta log4j library
(version 1.2.14). See the
<a href="">log4j home page</a> for

<p>This download includes the QDox JavaDoc parser (version 1.6.1). See the
<a href="">QDox home page</a> for details on the

<p>This download includes the StAX 1.0 API and WoodStox parser implementation
from the Apach Axis2 project. See the
<a href="">Apache Axis2 home page</a> for
details on these libraries.</p>

<p>This download includes the Joda Time library (version 1.6). See the
<a href="">Joda home page</a> for details on the

<p>This download includes several Eclipse project jars (version 3.2.0). See the
<a href="">Eclipse home page</a> for details on the
Eclipse project.</p>

<p>The CodeGen examples use simplified versions of some Open Travel Alliance
(OTA) schemas and sample documents. See the <a href="">OTA
home page</a> for details.</p>

<div id="footer">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4">
      <td> &copy; 2003-2013, Dennis M. Sosnoski (<a href="">Sosnoski Software Solutions, Inc.</a>).
      Licensed to the JiBX Project for free distribution and use. </td>


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