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A roguelike library inspired by libtcod written in TypeScript
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yendor.ts is a TypeScript toolkit for roguelike developers. It provides a true color console, a robust random number generator, a field of view toolkit, and other utilities frequently used in roguelikes.

umbra.ts is a TypeScript lightweight game framework built on top of yendor.ts. It handles player input and the game scene graph.

GeneRogue is a generic roguelike loosely based on the famous python roguelike tutorial.




  • scene graph management
  • user input management
  • event bus
  • basic log system


  • multi-level procedurally generated dungeon
  • key/lock puzzles
  • melee combat, ranged combat, magic items and scrolls
  • lighting

Supported browsers

  • ECMAScript 6 compliant browsers (yendor/div renderer) :

    • Edge 13+
    • Firefox 47+
    • Safari 9.1+
    • Chrome 49+
    • Opera 39+
  • For pixi renderers, check pixi.js documentation


Quick Start


  • install node.js, at least version 6.5.0.
  • install the dependencies

npm install

compile and run the demo game

npm run build:generogue

Then open build/index.html in your browser.

compile and run the unit tests

npm run build:tests

Then open build/index.html in your browser.

compile and run the benchmark

npm run build:benchmark

Then open build/index.html in your browser.


Rendering issue / low framerate

By default, Yendor will render the screen using PIXI. PIXI will try to use a webGL renderer and fall back to a canvas based renderer if that doesn't work. Yet, if you have rendering issues, you can force the use of a specific renderer by adding the renderer parameter to the URL.


Following renderer names are supported :

  • pixi/webgl : should be the fastest except if you have broken OpenGL drivers or an old browser
  • pixi/canvas : should work on not so recent browser, but not on very old browsers
  • yendor/div : failsafe but slow (and ugly) classic HTML renderer

Staled game

If the savegame gets corrupted, you might be stuck, not being able to start a new game. You can force the start of a new game and ignore the current savegame by adding the clearsavegame parameter to the URL.


Font size

The default font is terminal12x12.png but you can force the use of another font with the font parameter :


Generogue comes with 3 fonts : terminal8x8.png, terminal12x12.png and terminal16x16.png.


Yendor's code uses the MIT license, see our LICENSE file.

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