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Agentium: User agent switcher

Agentium is a extension for controlling the user agent identity reported by your browser, allowing you for instance to view the mobile version of a website on your computer.


  • Quickly select user agent identity from a default list of popular browsers
  • Add your own custom user agent identities
  • Simple & clean UI


Agentium is available on:


  • Click the icon to switch user agent identity:

  • Right click menu:

  • Customize by adding, editing or removing user agent identities:


This extension was developed with Typescript / React / Material-UI.

To build the extension:

git clone
cd agentium
npm install

# To produce unpacked extension for development in build/
npm run build
# Mozilla Firefox - build-firefox/extension.xpi
npm run build-firefox
# Google Chrome - build-chrome/
npm run build-chrome
# Microsoft Edge - build-edge/edgeExtension.appx
npm run build-edge