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AsciiDocLIVE ( is a full-featured online AsciiDoc editor.

Main features:

  • Instant live preview (based on asciidoctor.js);

  • Sync with Dropbox and Google Drive;

  • Customizable editor (based on ACE), with themes and Vim / Emacs keybindings;

  • Runs in any modern browser; no installation required.

Try it out at!


Click for demo:

AsciiDocLIVE Demo

Running Locally

AsciiDocLIVE uses the Ember CLI build system. To build:

git clone
cd asciidoclive/client
npm install
bower install

npm install -g ember-cli
# To run local development server on port 8001:
ember serve

For Dropbox integration, create an app on Dropbox and copy the generated App Key into the DROPBOX_APP_KEY field in /client/config/environment.js, and set ENABLE_DROPBOX to true.

For Google Drive integration, create a new project in the Google Developers Console and create a Browser API Key and OAuth Client ID. Then populate the following fields in /client/config/environment.js accordingly:


  • GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID: The OAuth Client ID (e.g.,;

  • GOOGLE_APP_ID: The leading digits of the OAuth Client ID preceding the hyphen (e.g., 12345678);

  • GOOGLE_API_KEY: The Browser API Key (e.g., AbCdEfGh_1IjK)


To build for production:

cd asciidoclive/client
ember build --environment=production

The /production/ directory contains an example Dockerized NGINX server setup for the app. You can use it as a template to build a Docker container for deployment.


The source code is distributed under the Apache License 2.0.