Fish shell extension for printing execution time for each command.
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fish shell extension for printing timing information for each command line executed.


After the execution of each command line, the script prints out the total execution time (up to millisecond precision), followed by the current time. The execution time is formatted to be human readable; e.g., 2h 7m 42s301.


Demo Screen-cap

Additionally, the script will export the total execution time (as a human readable string, e.g., 42s027) as $CMD_DURATION_STR. You can use this variable in your subsequent prompt.


This script requires fish shell 2.2 or above. It should run pretty much out of the box on modern Linux and Mac OS X systems. Please report any incompatibilities on on GitHub.


To set up this extension, you can

  1. Download conf.d/ and put it in ~/.config/fish/conf.d/ as per Fish shell convention.
  2. If the above doesn't work for you (perhaps because your custom settings overrides the extension), you could try sourcing it directly. Download conf.d/ and put it in ~/.config/fish/, then add the following in your ~/.config/fish/ at the end:
    source ~/.config/fish/

That's it :)


You can use the following options to tweak the behavior of the script. Put them in your You can also modify them on-the-fly if you want the changes to only affect your current shell session.

  • set fish_command_timer_enabled: Setting this variable to 0 disables this script.
  • set fish_command_timer_color blue: The color of the output. This should be a color string recognized by fish's set_color command, as described here. If not set, the output will be in the default color.
  • set fish_command_timer_time_format '%b %d %I:%M%p': The display format of the current time. This is a strftime format string (see If empty, the current time will not be printed.
  • set fish_command_timer_millis: Whether to print timings to millisecond precision. If set to 0, will print timings up to seconds.
  • set fish_command_timer_export_cmd_duration_str: If set to 1, will export the total command execution time string to $CMD_DURATION_STR, for use in prompts. If set to 0, the $CMD_DURATION_STR variable will not be exported.