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Feature: Adhearsion Ahn CLI (Create)
As an Adhearsion user
I want the ahn command to allow creating an app
So that I can write an Adhearsion app
Scenario: Command create with correct arguments
When I run `ahn create path/somewhere`
And I cd to "path/somewhere"
Then the following files should exist:
| Gemfile |
| |
| Rakefile |
| config/adhearsion.rb |
| config/environment.rb |
And the file "config/adhearsion.rb" should contain "Adhearsion.router"
Then the exit status should be 0
Scenario: Running create with no arguments
When I run `ahn create`
Then the output should contain:
"create" was called incorrectly. Call as "ahn create /path/to/directory".
And the exit status should be 1