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Snapper is a browser-based Turtle editor. Try it at .

Snapper supports:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocompletion of resources based on either labels or IRI prefixes
  • Autocompletion of prefixes
  • Loading and storing data into an endpoint

Some of the functionalities require suitable SPARQL endpoints. Basically, the spread is as follows:

SPARQL graph store protocol endpoint:

  • loading/replacing by graph, adding triples

SPARQL update endpoint:

  • deleting/replacing individual resources

SPARQL query endpoint:

  • label autocompletion & label display
  • listing graphs in the graph store
  • single resource loading (but Snapper can also load resources with simple GETs)

Being a completely client-side application, Snapper also requires all these endpoints to set appropriate CORS-headers.

If your endpoint does not set appropriate CORS-headers, you can use it through a CORS-proxy, like (for, append your URL without http://, e.g.

Another option is to deploy the Snapper application locally in your own domain.


Snapper is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.


Should you wish to run your own instance of Snapper, you need to:

  1. check out the project from GitHub and 2) install the required dependencies by running:

    npm install bower install

After this, you can run a local instance of the tool by entering:

gulp serve

If you want to create the distribution version of the project, you need to run:

gulp dist

This will create a dist folder under the project, which you can then deploy to any web server of your choice.