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YATO: Yet Another deep learning based Text analysis Open toolkit

YATO, an open-source Python library for text analysis. In particular, YATO focuses on sequence labeling and sequence classification tasks, including extensive fundamental NLP tasks such as part-of-speech tagging, chunking, NER, CCG supertagging, sentiment analysis, and sentence classification. YATO can design both specific RNN-based and Transformer-based through user-friendly configuration and integrating the SOTA pre-trained language models, such as BERT.

Its previous version called NCRF++ has been accepted as a demo paper by ACL 2018. The in-depth experimental report based on NCRF++ was accepted as the best paper by COLING 2018. Compared with NCRF++, the highlight of YATO is the support for Pre-trained Language Model and sentence classification tasks.

Quick Links

Quick Start: Develop YATO model in 10 lines


We provide an easy way to use the toolkit YATO from PyPI

pip install ylab-yato

Or directly install it from the source code

git clone


from yato import YATO
model = YATO(configuration file)


from yato import YATO
decode_model = YATO(configuration file)
result_dict = decode_model.decode()