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Leaflet Layers control with minimaps

Displays minimaps in a layers control.


Exactly like Leaflets default layers control, with some extra options. Add the scripts + css to your html:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="control.layers.minimap.css" />
<script src="L.Control.Layers.Minimap.js"></script>

and add the control to your map:

L.control.layers.minimap(basemaps, overlays, options).addTo(map);

Extra options

In addition to the options available for L.Control.Layers:

  • topPadding: number of pixels padding to the top of the map. Defaults to 10.
  • bottomPadding: number of pixels padding at the bottom of the map. Defaults to 40.
  • overlayBackgroundLayer a (tile)layer which is added to the minimap of each overlay as a background. If set to false, no background layer wil be used for overlays. Defaults to Hydda Base

Extra methods

One extra method is added:

  • filter(string): if called with a non-empty string is passed, only layers with a name containing that substring are shown, while the others are set to display: none. The method will return a map with the layers currently visible.

Live example