Node module to use marinetraffic tracks.
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Node module to fetch a ships track from and convert it to json/geojson to be analysed or plotted on a (Leaflet) map.

Please note that this should be used for personal convenience only and not in production websites.

Usage example

npm install marinetraffic

var marinetraffic = require('marinetraffic');

marinetraffic(mmsi, function (err, result) {


marinetraffic(mmsi, callback(err, result))

Fetches the track for vessel with mmsi, calls callback when ready, with err and a result object as arguments.

marinetraffic.toGeoJson(json, options)

Convert json to GeoJSON with optional options.


Constructs a result object from the JSON representation of the track, for example from a cached file.

marinetraffic.xml2json(xml, callback(err, result))

Converts xml reply from marinetraffic to json.

result object

Example of a result object:

{ raw:
    [   {   latlng: [Object],
            speed: 0.1,
            course: 122,
            timestamp: '2013-08-30T15:51:00' },
        { latlng: [Object],
            speed: 0.1,
            course: 122,
            timestamp: '2013-08-30T16:01:00' },


        { latlng: [Object],
            speed: 1.7,
            course: 337,
            timestamp: '2013-08-31T11:41:00' } ],
    union: [Function],
    toGeoJson: [Function] }


The raw member contains a JSON representation of all the points.


Returns the union of result and otherResult by looking at the timestamps of each trackpoint, keeping the reference to result.


Returns a GeoJSON representation of the track. It takes an optional options object to tune the output:

    points: false,              // output Point features for each track point
    speedThreshold: 0.51,       // ignore points with speeds below threshold,
    timeThreshold: 2 * 60 * 60  // create new linestring if diff exeeds 2h


To start the example, after cloning the repo, running

npm install && cd example && npm install && npm start

will start the server on http://localhost:8888.