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what is TaskRPG?

TaskRPG is a "tomato timer" based task management system. The goal is quick and easy to-do list management with a built in timer, all on one page.

This app was built with Django, Bootstrap, JQuery, and AngularJS. Tasks are bound by user, and persistent between logins.


Click here for a demo hosted on Heroku.

You'll be able to register a username/pw and then get started! Enter tasks on the bottom, click start, and get to work! You'll receive a browser notification once your time is up, then you get a 5 minute break. Repeat until work is done.

How to Manage time

This app is loosely based on the pomodoro technique. When it's crunch time and I'm staring at a huge to-do list, one of the best ways I've found to get things done is to use this technique. Having built-in breaks forces you to step away from your machine and helps prevent burnout that leads to a decrease in code quality and an increase in frustration.

Why 'RPG'? This looks like a to-do list.

Eventually I am going to add gamification elements to the app, so you'll earn reward for completing tasks, each 25m will be a "quest", your character grows levels, etc.


  • Add gamification elements
  • Persistent timers (maybe)
  • Replace placeholder graphics
  • Clean up display on mobile
  • Clean up registration/login screen