Simple app to list repos of github users
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A simple React + Flux client-side app to list repos of github users.

Demo Link -

Building the code

We are following the distribution based build system, where every changes made to the source files, generates a final deployable asset files inside the dist/ folder. Thus, the dist/ folder can act as the root for the assets on web server.

To create a development version of compiled js & css files from the src/, we will run the following commands in order

npm i
npm run build

The default environment is development. We can create the build for different environments by passing the process.env.NODE_ENV values to the above commands. For eg, to create a build for production environment, we will run the following commands:

NODE_ENV=production npm run build

While working on the code, we would want to keep auto compiling the code on every change made to source files. For that to happen, we will build the code under watch mode. The below 2 commands have to be runned in 2 separate shell window since watch mode doesn't kill the ongoing process

npm run build:webpack
npm run build:grunt

Code Styles & Linting checks

This code uses ES2015 JS Syntax which is later transpiled by babel to conform to browser supported syntax.

We use eslint for JS linting

$ npm run lint

Unit Test

We are using Jest to perform unit tests of our Flux Stores which includes testing of API calls too.

$ npm run test